About Us

We are passionate about educating small business owners and professionals on the importance of what brand identity and graphic design services truly are so they can expand their exposure and visibility, grow their business, and build a solid foundation of support and trust with client-loyalty.

Why We Exist

To walk our clients through a clear process starting with the basic foundations of visual identity through to brand guardianship we insure that we deliver something with purpose, clarity and consistency and that speaks to their audience with the heaviest impact.

We have collaborated with clients both small and big like Hot Docs, North America’s largest documentary film festival for over 10 years. Seeing through not only every designed piece
of collateral for their annual documentary film festivals but as well all their ongoing year round initiatives and their Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema programs and events.

When you want to deliver something authentic and thoughtful that brings meaning to your client and helps your business flourish, we can help.

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